Thursday, November 7, 2013

a November daybook

written on the first of the month...forgotten
Outside my window...the dog is chasing dry leaves. I love Fall- I wish we lived in a true 4-season place like Soulemama, Leila or even Posie gets cozy...

I am thinking...of the projects that I have been avoiding like meal planning, calendar wrangling and music/video inventorying. isn't it silly that I am avoiding what will make my life easier? 

I am thankful...for my parents' 46 years of marriage! Happy anniversary!

In the kitchen...mashed potatoes, roasted carrots and garlicky meatballs

I am wearing... my Byzantine cross, a blue t-shirt and jeans...pretty causal 

I am creating...preschoolish Thanksgiving art projects- Turkey handprints anyone?

I am do laundry before I rush off to teach mt class...nothing profound, but that's life

I am wondering...if the icecream truck man outside in the parking lot really thinks that he is going to get sales on the day after Halloween and in sixty degree weather. The truck is playing 'O Christmas Tree.'

I am reading...The Way of Love: The Battle for Inner-Transformation by Dr Rhonda Chervin- I got the Kindle version, so I have to use a notebook to journal the 'homework' that is part of the book. Dr Chervin was a professor of my siblings at Franciscan University. 

I am learn how to live better isolated. This is the most difficult part of being a clergy wife. A few days ago, I posted on Facebook that we were in need of prayers. I didn't give any specific reasons- yes, it was an annoying and vague post. Anyway, many people chimed in that they would be praying for us. I felt better. Well, I felt better until my husband called me from a middle of the week business trip for his hospital job, saying "What is going on?" I guess a woman I barely know from over ten years ago, not on my list of Facebook friends,  has been somehow 'following' me on Facebook, saw the prayer request, told her mother who we do know who then called my husband. How dare I ask for general support! Priest's wives are supposed to stay quiet! It is really difficult even for an extreme introvert like I. I really am completely alone. I hope other clergy wives are able to navigate better than I have. 

I am looking forward to...Christmas break! Yes- it is far off, but I feel the need for so true relaxation. Oh wait- Christmas and New Year is actually some of the busiest times for my family...

I am learning...algebra again through helping my older daughters. Did I really get Bs in Algebra 1 and 2? 

Around the house...the big girls are memorizing their roles for Two Gentlemen of Verona.

I am pondering...this meme from 'Grumpy Orthodox Cat'
A favorite quote for today... "All of these adults complaining about the time change. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU PLAY GOD"- a silly thought from 'Honest Toddler' on Twitter

One of my favorite things...Irish breakfast tea with a big splash of egg nog instead of milk and honey...moderation....

A few plans for the rest of the week: inventory the children's clothes and go shopping a bit....two girls are down to not much because of growth spurts

A peek into my day...just imagine the sounds of Lego being rattled in a bin while two little kids chose the next piece...and a dog biting a squeaky ball and big girls practicing their en pointe dance to the Beatles "Do you want to know a secret." -and me...tapping away at a little blog post.


  1. You've got friends out here in blogland - and we know how to pray, too!

    1. Thanks Anna! It really helps (even if it is hard to not focus on little hurts....)

  2. that would be hard. Yes, trying to let go the little things is good.... and the Saints are also with us...

  3. My mom was a pastor's wife and often talked about what a lonely position it was so I am guessing you are not alone in your feelings. Have a truly blessed week!

  4. Here in Massachusetts the ice cream man would probably make a few sales on a 60 degree day. People are crazy here.

    Praying for you. I think you shouldn't let a busybody or two get in the way of your asking for prayers when you need them. Maybe it's good for people like that to realize that even priest's wives are human beings who need prayers. Alternately, maybe you can post them with the privacy setting for "just friends" instead of "public." Then people who aren't on your friends list but are just following you can't see it.

    I ask for prayers on Facebook all the time for big things and little. Most recently because my five year-old was afraid to go to sleep because she'd had a bad dream the night before. And you know what with all the prayers she had a lovely dream about "the angels having sharper swords than all the rest." I really need those prayers sometimes to get me through a hard day. Not a major crisis but just a day when I'm overtired or a little under the weather or the kids are sick or, as in your case, my husband isn't around. It would be hard to do without that support and I don't think you should have to isolate yourself even further because of some busybodies. (Just my two cents and please feel free to ignore my unsolicited advice if it's annoying.)

    1. so people can 'follow' on FB without being approved as a friend?....I had no to change things!

  5. Oh and I think I'm going to have to try that Irish breakfast tea with eggnog. That sounds yummy.


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