Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summertime with Cousins


  1. Our family is very blessed to have each other. This is something I never grew up with and am blessed with now.

    Everything we do is for the children and sometimes sweet things slip in for us. Our joy however is seeing the love and happiness they have.

  2. It was good seeing you; and the family, again! I'd write more. But I'm still getting used to typing on this little big toy I was delivered, earlier today! Take care and God bless

  3. HI, Beautiful blog! I saw your comment on Bleubirds vaca, she is super lucky to be a stay at home mom and get to do so many things, but she is super creative and works hard on her blog which makes her a ton of dough! Anyway, the ranch is not too expensive, I looked it up, only about $140 a night, that's just a few meals out, Plus rooms have kitchens so you can bring food to eat. I hope you find a way to make a trip there happen, I wish we could but it woudl cost us about $2000 just to get to the hotel (I'm in GA) keep movin forward mamma! Your doing a great job.

    1. Thanks for visiting...that comment was just my's a nice place to visit...I'm loving bluebird's new house posts, but there is a twinge of jealousy, I admit. I am not going to try and figure out how much the house cost (that would be weird) but I would hazard a guess that it is much less than is just frustrating that we will be lucky to 'upgrade' to a $400,000 fixer ranch after owning our townhouse for more than 8 years- but I know that many many people have lost their homes, so I am grateful


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