Saturday, June 22, 2013

Be Positive: being joyful when life gets you down

If you are a Christian, you have every reason to be joyful. Christ has won the victory No matter what bad is happening now, heaven is waiting for us. I am definitely not a 'Susie-sunshine' kind of person, but I know that it is true that Christ has died and risen for us and we shouldn't be afraid. Now, this means that we should always be joyful- even in the small things.

We've been reading Dan Lord's book Choosing Joy and learning from it. Give it a try!

Another idea: why do people feel the need to write things in a negative way instead of a positive way? If someone writes on their profile- "not a Catholic," it stings much more than "I'm a Mormon." When someone writes in the positive, then I am much more open to learning about them because they don't seem to be harping on what they aren't (and maybe what they don't like...). If you were looking for food writer blogs, wouldn't a profile saying "I'm a vegan" be more inviting than "don't eat animal flesh"? I had better look at my profile and make sure I am not being a total hypocrite...

I hope you are having a lovely summer...I'll try not to forget to write...but there is a lot to read in the archives!

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  1. While I'm a much more positive person than some people I know....I do tend accentuate the negative sometimes. I'm normally a "glass half full" kind of person...but I use my blog to vent at times.
    Thank you for the reminder that being positive makes my blog a place where people might want to come. Blessings to you!


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