Friday, June 7, 2013

silly dog tricks & kid stuff- 7 quick takes

1. Duke plays dead!
2. Boy completes kindergarten!
3. Lego are taking over! (I saw a set of Beatles Lego as Sgt Pepper Lonely Hearts' Club Band...I am very tempted to buy a set for my dad...)
4. The big girls have finished most of their extra activities for the school year- This is Girl #2 in the last day of her Shakespeare/dance class...I'm going to find a replacement for this phone photo
5. Girl #1 finished 8th grade! Her home school charter school only celebrates at high school graduation, so we took her out for a delicious Thai dinner. Girl #2 is old enough to babysit! 
6. Supposedly, teenagers are horrors...I beg to differ. This is our St Valentine meatless meal that was waiting for us after we finished working for the day; it has been a tradition for about 6 years for the big girls to make us a dinner on the balcony. 
7. Baby Girl- 4 in 2 weeks or so- is fearless!
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and yes...when I do a fun and slightly superficial post, you can assume that my mind is busy with really serious stuff...and I am wondering if I should write a post about it...I might...and then I'll publish it on a Sunday when it will get missed...we shall see!


  1. #6: You've cultivated a good enough relationship with your daughters that the teenage years won't be as bad as advertised.

  2. It's amazing to see the changes in your girls just since I started following your blog - what grace shows through in their photos! I've got granddaughters like that - I only had boys so having gracious girls in the family is a derived pleasure for me. And what exactly is a Shakespeare/dance class? I thought those were two separate activities the girls were doing...or were they learning the dances of Shakespeare's time?

    1. Thanks Anna!
      The 'Shakespeare/dance' class- I wish it were dances from his time!
      Basically, the same company that does their Shakespeare class (from September to late March- they do theater games, put on a Shakespeare play in a real theater but their is no Hollywood pressure- love that) offers a dance class in April, may, June once a week. They did a different style of dance every class, so my girls had to get out of their ballet comfort zone

    2. Wow! what a great thing for your girls! Do any of those dances include ones from the Old Country or nearby areas?

      On another subject, I hope the June gloom isn't as bad where you are as it is here in Baja - I think that when the fog realized we had moved from Northern California it decided to come for a nice long visit (it's been here for 3 MONTHS now!). Sometime when we're doing the drive instead of flying it would be nice to stop by. Our older son and his family are in Santa Barbara so you're right on the path, so to speak. Email me sometime at bajamanna [at] gmail.


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