Thursday, July 25, 2013

How does Priest's Wife homeschool all those kids? 7 Quick Takes

1. Well, I only have 4 kids and the baby is 4. 

2. I use a crock pot a lot. 
3. My husband is on board even if he doesn't do much of the formal educating. I know some moms with husbands who teach the kids a lot, but not us. By the time papa gets home from the hospital, we should be done with schoolish things so that he can take them swimming!

4. We use the computer. Try Khan Academy and Starfall. We use local libraries a lot for books and educational videos. In general, we steer clear of conventional television (except the kids are watching 'River Monster on Netflix with their dad right now- come on, it's summer!).

5. We are lucky to have a strong local homeschooling community. With my son being in first grade and in need of consistent 'boy time,' we will be committing to a weekly park day and some other activities for him especially. If we went to every opportunity on my various email lists, we would never be home! It is a balancing act, giving all the children and me what we need to thrive. This year, I hope to be a bit more exclusive with my time, especially since I teach part-time four evenings a week at the college (hence, the crock pot).

6.  I go to websites for inspiration, support and ideas. Simple Homeschool is a great place to start. And as always, Like Mother, Like Daughter has some much great information on homemaking and child-raising; it is not just a homeschooler's blog, but it does develop the important philosophy on why many of us choose to educate non-conventionally. 

7. We use a public homeschooling charter school. Personally, a 'middle way' works for my family and me, but I know that many, many homeschoolers would not even consider us homeschoolers because we report to the state and do state testing. It is controversial, but my children are able to do Shakespeare, choir and ballet because of the charter school. 
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  1. I know here in Florida a big thing is these "online schools" esp in areas where the schools are overcrowded. I've only lived here 2 yrs so I don't know a lot about the program just have heard people talk about it. A lot of people seem to complain about them but I think I would like them because I could still teach my kids at home but I would have a really nice guide to follow. But since I don't have kids or anything I haven't really gotten to that point yet.

    1. I have mixed feelings about the online schools- I would probably print everything out! ;)

  2. Not easy these days but it is good that people still care about the education of their children! :)

  3. The one year I homeschooled my middle son, I chose to do so because he was struggling with reading and the way he viewed himself was "stupid." I used a private Christian Montessori school as an enrichment program. He went two days per week to do subjects like Math, Science, and Social Studies and he got his "friend" time he needed. We actually considered the on-line public charter school option (K-12) but I really wanted those two days for him at the Montessori and we couldn't combine them two (at least not where I live, maybe in other states). I think the biggest reason I don't homeschool is not that I think public/private school education is the only way to go, but it has more to do with my personality and knowing my limits. Schooling was a battle because it was such a struggle for my son, and it wasn't the relationship I wanted with him. There are plenty of other battles I wanted to pick with my son (respect, responsibility, etc), learning to read was not one of them. Now I am in a support role where the teacher takes the main brunt of his frustration, and I re-inforce reading time at home.

    PS - you are blessed your parents too such an active role in your education!

    1. RW- It sounds like you are a great partner with their teachers- this is so important- I once had a co-teacher at the college who also taught English at the high school. he had 6 classes of 30 students (CRAZY!)- For 4 sessions (2 morning, 2 evening) of open house/parent conferences, he only had 20 parents show up! yikes! Involved parents are the only way that teachers can bring out success (except for that rare miracle)

  4. We don't have the public charter school option, but the school was kind enough to order an extra copy for each of the books/workbooks that I can buy for the kids, so we know where the public school kids are in their studies. Most of these books are pretty good, and my kids like the structure and the quick reference they provide.

    One of my big issues is the language, literature and grammar all in Hebrew... I have help with that from my older kids. I think homeschool only works if it is a family affair, if all parties involved are committed. I'll have all but one of my school aged kids home next year, and the one who won't be really wanted to go to the art school he will attend.

  5. HI there
    Lovely post!
    Found you linked at 7QTs as well and came over for a visit. Nice to meet you! Looking fwd to seeing you around the blogosphere.:)

    Be well and God bless

  6. Priest's Wife, I see you all over, particularly at LMLD, and I've always thought of you as Leila's age. Now that I take a peek at your blog, you're just like me!
    Mom to 4 kids, youngest is 4. We homeschool, and we have a public charter homeschool program, too. Our school only meets once a week, it sounds like your school meets a little more often than that.
    Nice to meet you.

    1. Hi Anna! Our homeschooling situation is very cool for us- we only see our 'teacher' once a month (this is for the 8th grader and the 1st grader)- we are using a charter high school that is much more 'on-campus'- it is the first week for my oldest- an obligatory weekly meeting with the teacher (to get assignments/ go over tests already taken) and she drops off work and takes official tests there whenever she is ready- she also is obligated to take one class a semester at the community college- she has ballet and choir this semester- in the future she will do more academic work at the college


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