Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Are you ready for Christmas?

It's the beginning of September. It's time to think about Christmas /Epiphany gifts! Anyone who is interested in a more 'intentional' Christmas season (that seems to be the word on the internet- I prefer 'judgmental'-making judgments about what we want to focus on with our family) that is as fair-trade and as homemade as possible needs to begin now. 

  • make a policy about gifts now. Should you all reduce spending (not just for family economic reasons) Could there be a cousin gift exchange? 
  • consider finishing up Christmas shopping before Advent begins. For Byzantine Catholics and Orthodox on the new calendar, this means we should be prepared by November 15th. 
  • decide how strict your family is going to be about the Advent (penitential) season then the Christmas (celebratory) season. 
  • plan an easy children's get-together and a few times to invite friends for dessert (simpler than dinner!) after Christmas day. Send invites out now. This takes care of that feeling of Christmas day let-down that many people feel. 
  • click on the label "China" and "social justice" to see where I am coming from- I am trying to become more intentional/judgmental in my buying.
  • explore your favorite stores, websites, and Etsy shops for gifts. Order anything handmade now so that the artist has time to finish it and ship it in time for the holidays. Here are a few that I have my eye on:
someday I am going to get a bag from Libaire
(authentic Coach & Louis Vuitton are Made in China)
(no made in China items)
RosaryMart (most made in Italy)
The Master Beadsman (prayer ropes and more)
and of course,
look at your closest monasteries and convents. They are sure to sell something handmade as a way to support themselves. 
Enjoy chocolate truffles from Amity, Oregon. Get coffee from the Mystic Monks. Clean up with soap from Dominican nuns. Ask Fr Deacon Moses in Wisconsin to bake you some bread (I don't think they started their bakery again yet....)

please leave your Christmas gift ideas and links in the comments!

and let us all remember this.....


  1. I feel like kind of a cheater, but I just bought gifts for all of the adults I usually buy gifts for from my daughter's school magazine/gift sale. She goes to Catholic school, and we have to raise $300 in fundraising profits each year, or we have to pay the remaining balance at the end. I made $50 in profits buying gifts I would have had to get anyway, so it's like a free $50 for me, plus, I'm done shopping for everyone except my immediate family and 2-year-old niece!

    1. Julie M- that's sounds like a win-win situation! Now you have time to bake cookies and go caroling

    2. I'd probably feel like less of a cheater if I hadn't had to buy people silly things like monogrammed coasters and Paula Deen steak sauce, but it's the thought that counts, right??

    3. Don't feel like a 'cheater'- it IS the thought that counts. (I really want to do homemade only...but it takes TIME)

  2. Replies
    1. I hope you get some orders- I'll be sending one in...for a very special goddaughter!


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