Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Haiku-style Poem by Magdalena, 12

one little girl
against the world of many
just one little girl, that's all

She is one of them
of that old, old religion
what a strange creature

one of the Catholics
but not just any Catholic
but a Byzantine
daughter of a priest
who works at the hospital
and at the police

mom is a teacher
when she's at home or away
because we homeschool

barely twelve years old
but what a life to behold
people say, "oh my"

one little girl
and her family so dear
one family, here


  1. Very nice Magda !

    Love, Gramps

  2. http://dappledthings.org/ Send it in. I'm serious.

  3. I love it Magda. I will save it and send it out. Your parents are so proud of you and so are we.
    Love, Honorable Old One.


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