Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Disappointing 'Liberal' Catholics on Wordless Wednesday

'Liberal' Catholics get giddy when they discover that I am married to a Catholic priest. They assume that I am going to agree with their refusal to say the words of the corrected Latin-rite translation and that I stopped at four children because I am so in love with President Obama's healthcare mandate & coverage of artificial birth control that I put myself on it. They go from there to believe that I want all Latin-rite priests (even the monks!) to be forced to marry and while we are at about women catholic priests (I've never gotten the connection between the possibility for married men to be ordained deacon and/or priest to the non-Catholic idea of women clergy)? 
But then they come down from their high when I tell them that Liturgy will be something like the above photo. They get disappointed, but as a demi-feminist (I can't help it! I was born in the 70s!), I choose to prefer the Liturgy this way. In any case, I have plenty of work to do on the other side of the icon screen.


  1. Not sure I understand what Liturgy is, but shouldn't feminism and women's lib mean just what it says, liberation to choose to be either conservative or liberal, traditional or modern, or anywhere in between which happens to appeal to each individual woman's diverse nature. Why try to fit a mold when there isn't one baked in.

  2. pw: yeah, i don't get the connection either.

    sukhmandir: liturgy is the order and form that our worship takes on sunday. that's a really simplistic explanation but i'm writing this while on hold with someone. :)

  3. sukhmandir: my experience with the liberation of feminism is you have the right to chose how you live your life -so long as you chose the life the Feminists want you to have.

    1. We should all put 'feminists' in quotations- because even most 'conservative' women enjoy their right to vote, drive, be educated, own property, etc- I am trying to be a pro-life, pro-human

  4. Paula, that is exactly the way I see it too. "I will fight for your right to be free! (as long as you agree with me!)" that is what I hear when the feminists are talking. We hear the same thing with the vocal homosexual community now days. We have to accept them, but only on their terms, and we can't have an original opinion if it disagrees with them.

    Some modern liberal ideas have merit, some do not. Authentic Catholic teaching will show the way. All we have to do is really listen to what God and the church are telling us.


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