Thursday, August 23, 2012

Last Days of Summer- PrettyHappyFunnyReal

Pretty- It was such a pretty day, but I must confess to loving the fact that it was drizzling this morning! I am ready for a the coolness of Fall. 
Happy- They were happy to have the townhouse complex pool all to themselves!
Funny- Today the littles were sea lions as they crawled along the pool steps. The big girls prefer to be dolphins or sharks, depending on their moods. 
Real- This was the last place I wanted to be yesterday afternoon. I am teaching at the local college now. It is just an hour class on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and three hours on Monday and Wednesday evenings. But until I get into the swing of things, I tend to teach my class in my head all day. I was pathetically proud of  myself for taking the time to lifeguard my own precious kids before my class. It is what it is. 


  1. Is this when you called me? Yes, i rarely "feel" like making that trek to the park, either-- or for that matter, even making a decent dinner most nights! Haha- could be postpartum, could be part of the dark night, most likely just life. As you said, it is what it is! ;) Blessings on your class! -F

    1. Hang in there F. The pic of my grandkids are now my desktop background (for awhile). God bless S. and F.

  2. What happy children in the pool! It was worth it :)


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