Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's the First Official Day of Summer!

An idea from the new wife blog She Learns As She Goes, I've made a 'bucket list' for this summer. We shall see how it goes....I hope we do more fun stuff than it is even on this list...but the garage/family room/homeschool room is calling me (again!)


  1. Thanks for that list. First thing on it gave me an idea for how my 1st graders can produce squares for a quilt for a hospitalized child. Good Advent project. Thank you.

    (and also, thanks for the quiet times you give me)

  2. Lucky kids! Park three times a week? Here is my favorite pizza recipe- make ahead dough gives excellent flavor and saves time the day of. I use parchment under the dough before it bakes so that transferring it is less stressful.


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