Friday, June 1, 2012

An Anniversary QuickTake

My parents were married in '68 or so, but 'their' song is from '76. It makes sense that this song 'Still the One'  could only become a couple's song after a lot of history and at least four children. 
Putting logic aside, we chose Shania Twain's song for ours at our wedding 14 years ago. I don't listen to country music, but I like this song. I didn't know it was so popular when we chose it. We had only been together two years before we got married, but I still liked the message of the song. It makes more sense now.

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  1. Thanks for this. It's funny, but perfect that both "Our" songs have the same name. We were married in 1967 and are still going strong. It will 45 years this November and they said it wouldn't last. Having wonderful kids like you have been the blessings that keep us in love.

  2. Our first dance at our wedding was "At Last," by Etta James, and we had been together less than 2 years! I kind of wish we hadn't picked it; it was too long and I think people were getting bored of watching us dance, especially since we weren't any good (despite pre-wedding dance lessons).

  3. Happy Anniversary! We "splurged" and bought a wine- only to discover it was from Romania!! (needless to say we are going back for more--(to accommodate your visit Rainbow special- indeed!!!) LoVe you!!!!

  4. Thanks Priests Wife. I got a bit "misty" listening to both of the songs. We sure have a lot to be thankful for (to put it mildly).

  5. I love Shania Twain's song! It really does have nice & meaningful lyrics.

    Happy Anniversary!


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