Sunday, February 12, 2012

a little pre-fast silliness

Ginny from small things has encouraged her fellow bloggers is hard to might click here. It think it's funny- even though Gosling isn't a favorite. I like British actors like Ian McKellan and Jim goes anyway...

This is an old photo- the day our baby came home after 5 weeks in the NICU. She's two and a half now. The photo does show his dedication to his family. And yes- he was exhausted today and let this introverted mama take some alone time. We are blessed.


  1. so dead on, this one, my dh did class mass at noon, oblate meeting at 3pm and vespers with monks tonight.

  2. cute :) but i followed your links and you might want to remove your first "here" link (handmade ryan gosling) as that blog contains a pornographic "hey girl" photo montage (3rd photo down)... :(

  3. Anonymous- YIKES! Thanks for the heads up- I deleted and will NOT be going there- it was only cute a few days ago- sorry the link went bad :(


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