Thursday, November 10, 2011


If you ever have a pile of money and some time and a passport, go to Gaming, Austria in the fall. The colors will stay in your mind forever. And then go back in the winter when the waterfall there will be frozen blue. In the spring, the meadows will be covered with wildflowers. You can probably tell that I am missing four real seasons. 

Happy, Funny
James Thurber is my favorite humorist nowadays- if you have never enjoyed his writing- start with James Thurber's Carnival.

Ray Bradbury is another fall favorite- but he couldn't be more different than Thurber. The movie Something Wicked This Way Comes is very good, but don't let the PG rating fool you. It has children as its stars, but the story and movie are really not for kids.
I guess I am in a melancholic mood, because Bradbury's short story All Summer in a Day is speaking to me. I found the old 70's film on Youtube. The story is better, but check it out.


  1. oh my goodness, I watched that movie (Something wicked) back when I was a kid. Me and my brother thought it was the creepiest movie ever. I can't remember it all now...but now you've peaked my interest and I want to watch it again! What would you say the 'morality' rating would be? I honestly don't remember much except bits and pieces.

  2. kayleen- I wouldn't have my 12 year old watch it because I think it is just too scary- but the 'moral of the story' is very positive, so some parents might want to watch it with their kids- just watch it alone first

  3. I miss the season of fall, but I must admit I don't miss winter!

  4. Those leaves are lovely.

  5. I hope All Summer in a Day (the complete story) is not as depressing as the 9 minute snippet from YouTube. Man, let me out of this rain !!!

  6. Didn't mean to sound negative. Your blog is great !!


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