Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A November Daybook

Outside my window...the laundry is drying on a rack...hopefully it isn't too cold. What do those with a rainy climate and no dryer do? And how does one get rid of all the lint without a dryer? Being 'green' can be romantic- except my laundry is rough and linty. Any advice or tips- please leave a comment!

I am thinking... that it is too cold to be without heat. We had a low of about 40 degrees and I am not turning on the furnace because of possible asbestos. My toes are cold. 

I am thankful... that my cell phone finally can receive phone calls! It only took an hour on the phone with customer service and about 10 20-digit secret codes. Weird.

From the learning rooms... we really need to work on penmanship! Daughter #2- a really good student and 'advanced' in many areas- has penmanship that makes her look really young. I'm afraid she needs glasses.

In the kitchen...I need to throw a turkey in the oven. The prices during this season are too good to pass up, so I usually roast about six turkeys between now and New Year's.

I am wearing...nothing special. I really need to start getting inspired...

I am creating...a few Christmas surprises.

I am going...to need to adjust to this time change. I really don't like it when the little ones wake up before I do! I am struggling to wake up with a SERVIAM on my lips.

I am wondering... how my discipline/department at my college is going to survive. It's really bad.

I am re-reading...Pride and Prejudice- such a great book.

I am hoping...that one of my sisters plus her lovely family will make it here for Christmas! Please Please Please

I am looking forward to... finishing Nutcracker. that is all.

I am hearing... four kids running around the house, pretending to be monsters/dogs/cats

Around the house... I'm to the point where we need to re-paint (and 'thin no more'- hahaha), but with a 2 year old, we probably should wait until she is out of the drawing on walls stage.

I am pondering... all the good that '40 days for Life' has done for families and babies.

Some favorite things... Irish breakfast tea, big girls that read to little kids, playing cars with my son, a husband that got his bullet proof vest for his police chaplain ride-alongs, the feast of Saint Nicholas coming up (Dec 6th- and yes- he's an Eastern saint!)

A few plans for the rest of the week: getting ready for St. Phillip's Fast (our Advent- starting November 15th)

A photo to share: He's now 4 and a half, but he's still my precious little pumpkin!


  1. I don't think I've ever had a lint problem with clothes when I've hung them up to dry. Are you putting fabric softener in the final rinse? Do you have one of those brushes for brushing lint off? That would certainly do the trick, even though it's time consuming. Also, is there a specific item of clothing that's making everything lint-y (like a fuzzy bathrobe)? If so, you can always wash it by itself or with towels.

    Why can't mothers and those who have to take medicine at specific times conscientiously object to the time change????????????

  2. Most of our outer clothes (shirts, pants, sweaters, etc) are hung to dry inside, and there's never been a big problem with lint nor stiffness. We have hard (well) water, too. The only time I've dealt with stiffness is with towels, but it isn't TOO bad, especially since we reuse them for at least a week. As time goes on, they get better, just in time for washing again! Can you have the kids roll 'em up, squish them, sit on them to make them soft again? :)

    We also have loads of lint rollers to deal with the lint (and cat hair). And I never put towels in with anything else that's to be worn on the outside. I don't care if my socks or underwear are linty!

    We are having a St. Nicholas "open house" on 12/10! Yes, we are doing something social :) It started out as a holiday open house but then we realized what date it was near...and we are asking people to bring non-perishables for the food bank in the spirit of St. Nicholas and his generosity.

  3. Acquire a couple space heaters from Target. I think it was $38 for two last year when we had to do it. They work well for bedrooms. Your electric may be high but your gas bill will be low.

    Packing tape also works well for lint and cat fur. (Ask my four felines how I know this.)

  4. I forgot to mention--I've never used fabric softener and neither did my mom. I don't know how I'm "lucky" enough not to have super stiff clothes!

  5. In chilly, rainy Ireland they hang the clothes out year-round! It seems (for some of them) a pride thing. Electric heaters help. We'll bring some down. -F


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