Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Daybook for August

Outside my window...sleeping cat, red sun umbrella, sun, sun and more sun

I am thinking...that visiting family is fabulous

I am thankful...for my Kindle and for 300 mysteries for $3.99

In the kitchen...homemade bread and tortilla soup made by a lovely friend

I am wearing...a green shirt & jean capri pants

I am creating...meal plans in my mind- trying to copy Auntie Leila from Like Mother, Like Daughter (with 'save a step' cooking)

I am buy a sprinkler for the kids to play in

I am reading...Pride & Prejudice & Zombies on my Kindle...I'm not so sure if I like it at all. It is just an exercise in an author copying Austen's style with modern subject matter

I am share very big-for-me news in the future

I am looking forward to...visiting more with family

I am hearing...overly mellow jazz standards that the kids are dancing to

Around the house...big kids are teaching pre-school to little kids
I am pondering...the meaning of life and hard core philosophy-theology as taught by my brother-in-law

Some favorite things...peonies and non-gas station coffee and my own lap top

A few plans for the rest of the week...building my fabric stash and working on a project for Crafters for Life
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  1. "Around the house...big kids are teaching pre-school to little kids"

    Wow. How do you get that to happen?


  2. Truth and love is what your children are raised with. Love of the family is primary and that's what is such a blessing to the world. If more families were like yours, it would be a wonderful place to live.


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