Friday, August 5, 2011

But You Get What You Need

We're too small and poor for our own church- we rely on the kindness of others and celebrate the Divine Liturgy at old convents, Roman-rite chapels and Byzantine churches of different ethnic jurisdictions.
We may be small and poor but we are rich in beauty. These portable icons were written by an 89-year old artist who has made icons for entire churches and cathedrals. Her son, a Byzantine Catholic priest who we have never met, donated a full set of sacred vessels. Her other son is a cantor and altar servant. We 'get what we need' from these lovely folks who give so much- materially and spiritually- to the church community.


  1. Those are beautiful! I also like the one in the upper left of your site's page. It is cute how Jesus is looking like a handful of energy versus usually so calm, and also I like that the proportions of Mary and Jesus are more natural too. Sometimes I marvel when the icon is written with Mary having a face that is seemingly 20 times greater than child Jesus.

  2. The icons look very similar in style to the ones at our last parish. Were they by chance written by Mila Mina?

    - Maureen


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