Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook for June

Outside my window...the yellow rose bush is in full bloom

I am thinking...that blogger has something against me- it keeps swallowing posts and making commenting difficult- anyone else with these problems lately?

I am thankful for...thirteen years of marriage this week

From the learning rooms...we are finally starting English From the Roots Up, a book that teaches how Latin influences English

From the big girl is fixing pancakes for lunch; we had dinner leftovers for breakfast. It's a backwards day

I am wearing...a new light lime-green shirt

I am creating...plans for the wedding flowers for this Saturday (20 table arrangements, 6 bouquets, and more) 

I am reboot my laundry- I have to 'babysit' the laundry because the dryer is on its last legs

I am reading...C.S.Lewis's Surprised by Joy

On my mind...the victims of the recent tornadoes

Around the house...the big girls are getting ready for ballet, more laundry, wondering what we can have for dinner after Ascension vigil Divine Liturgy

One of my favorite an iced Americano with cream, of course

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: get a pedicure and haircut in preparation for the big wedding, pick up husband's pants from the tailor, make church programs for the wedding, teach big girls their song for their 'solo'- is a bit overwhelming, and I am looking forward to a slow week after this Saturday


  1. Most definitely blogger is being difficult. I can't even comment on my own blog with my own profile?! Nor it appears, on yours, either. I can only be "anonymous."

    Kristin (11onmyown)

  2. I was wondering if that's why you've been quiet (blogger problems). Definitely annoying! I hope this mess? is resolved soon, for everyone.

  3. rabbit- I tried to reply to your latest post- but blogger won't let me- so I'm glad you commented here- I'm praying for your husband while he's laid off!

  4. Enjoyed reading about your day; your week sounds crazy! I hope all goes well. :)

  5. Many blessings of congratulations on your anniversary.

  6. Whoops, just seeing this now!

    Oh, when I said "quiet" I meant over here on your own blog, not as a veiled attempt to get comments on mine! But the comments I do get are much appreciated. In any event, I had noticed you were quiet there too, but I just figured it was the blogger "issue" or you were just busy!

    Thank you so much for the prayers--so far, things are OK. I am blogging about this new "adventure" in our lives...stay tuned, new post coming shortly.

  7. Rabbit- no- but I hated not being able to comment on your the post about your husband getting laid off...this is really frustrating- like I can't easily post a comment on my own blog- weird.


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