Friday, June 10, 2011

Preschool FAIL- 7 QuickTakes

My boy has three days left of his three mornings a week preschool- time for true confessions

1. My boy has NEVER cried to see me go when I drop him off at preschool. Other children are heartbroken to see Mommy go- not my boy. He is fasinated by his classroom. But, he is happy to see me when I pick him up.

2. He is enamored by another boy sporting the same name in his classroom. He'll follow him around and allow the other boy to decide what game they will play. The other boy also will arbitrarily decide not to be my son's friend.

3. I found myself using his teacher's vocabulary last night. Big baby girl is very easy to put to sleep while he requires story, song, etc. We got home quite late from a dinner, but boy still insisted on being put to bed first. So no story. He was not pleased. Perhaps tonight he will make a better "choice."

4. What!? A homeschooling mom with a child in preschool? Well- I think this is the best time to go to school, and the experience has encouraged me to open the playdough and paint while he is at home. I don't want all the fun to be at school.

5. Yes- my son has more clothing than just a Lightning McQueen t-shirt. He also has a Mater t-shirt and a Lightning McQueen/Mater t-shirt.

6. Dear preschool teachers- I'm sorry that my son was such a pill the other day- demanding to sing the puppy song instead of the bubblegum song.

7. Note to self: to not need to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the preschool parking lot, make sure there is bread in the house.


  1. You're allowed to take peanut butter to school?? It's a hanging offense around here. They even insist on store-bought baked goods (cookies, etc) in the lunch box. I tell DH we have to homeschool because we couldn't afford the lunch food -haha

    Ella needs at least one story every night too. She likes to have two, but some days we're just too late getting up stairs.

  2. Paula- There are no extreme food sensitivities in his preschool- and we can even bring what we want for 'snack friend' ....ssshhhh don't tell the food police

  3. @Paula--wow, I'm surprised that store-bought items are OK--with all of the "may contain" messages at the bottom of the ingredients. My mom is a school nurse at an elementary school and food is VERY off limits for anything other than lunch and snack. Of course, everyone is neurotic about allergies, but they are still serving absolute JUNK in the cafeteria. *headdesk*

    @PW--LOL about food police!

  4. Oh yeah, baked goods have to be from a 'peanut free' facility. It's at all the schools, so I don't know if they all have allergic kids or just going over board.

  5. I share your son's tastes. I prefer puppies to bubblegum.


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