Wednesday, June 22, 2011

PrettyHappyFunnyReal Films

Like Mother, Like Daughter is hosting PrettyHappyFunnyReal and encouraging all to find contentment in the every day. Well after all those serious posts of mine this week, I thought I would take it easy and share one way I find contentment in the every day- films. Here are a few favorites:

Anne of Green Gables is especially pretty, but it is a mini-series. Enchanted April is lovely. Much Ado About Nothing has some very pretty scenes...
All Merchant-Ivory films make me happy (The White Countess not so much), but I just love A Room with a View. Will Lucy & George really be happy forever? Well, who wouldn't be happy living in an Italy populated by the mannerly English and with Charlotte's blessing? Moulin Rouge, My Fair Lady, Oklahoma!, State Fair, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and Cinema Paradiso are others.
I like a comedy that will actually induce me to really laugh out loud. Bill Murray's The Man Who Knew Too Little is one such movie. I envy those who haven't seen it yet. You might need tissues, and the kids will shout "what's so funny" from upstairs. Strictly Ballroom, Zeigfield Follies and any 'Muppet' Movie are others.
In celebration of his feast day, I'd like to remember St Thomas More with the film A Man For All Seasons. I know it is just a movie, but his sacrifice seems real. You will cry, but you will also be inspired. Paul Scofield is superb, but I also love the actress playing More's wife, Alice (Wendy Hiller- just realized she is in Anne of Avonlea as well). At the moment, she is my favorite wife in all of cinema. Many of the scenes in Branaugh's Henry V are perfectly real as well as those from Into the Wild and The Death of Mr Lazarescu.
Please add your own favorite films in the comment box- I'd love your recommendations!


  1. ohhh, I'll be heading to Netflix to check some of these out. I have never seen Enchanted April, but I love Anne of Green Gables. LOVE them! We love Seven Brides for Seven Brothers also. I haven't seen the Bill Murray movie either. Looks like something my hubby would like.

    Right now I am currently working my way through The Kennedys on Netflix. It has been surprising. Very good acting, I think, and I am learning a lot of history. I don't know how much of the family drama is accurate, but I love the history part and the styles, decorating, etc... of the show.

  2. "A Man for All Seasons" is a real favorite around my house! Even my small children randomly quote from it! Great film!

  3. I LOVE the movie "Enchanted April" -- definitely one of my all-time faves!

  4. Green Card, Cyrano Bergerac,we just saw Green Lantern which we though was funny-- Jackie Chan!!! How random can I get? Parent Trap !!

  5. Anonymous FooFoo- have you seen the newest Othello?

    We just saw the new True Grit- stayed up to finish it until midnight (ouch) on a weeknight

  6. For serious movies: Sophie Scholl: The Final Days, is absolutely powerful. Wonderful movie about Sophie and her brother.

  7. I watched " a man for all seasons " recently, and I was very moved by it.


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