Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Strong Cheesy Opinions

I'm 'in' a wedding in less than two weeks! I'm not really certain how I can be since I have been unsuccessful in finding a babysitter to wrangle my two little ones during the nuptial Mass, but it is what it is. No matter what, it will be a very joyous, sacramental occasion celebrating the union of a lovely, committed couple.

Planning a wedding brings out the opinions in people, don't they? I got what I wanted- modest, pretty dresses for my two big girls who are junior bridesmaids. After that, the bride can do whatever she pleases! Well, others have not been as easy to please as I...(please read a bit of humor & self-deprecation into my egoism...)

Half of the guests are from the old country, and they will need substantial food to get them through the half hour necessary for photo taking between the Divine Liturgy and the dinner (actually, if they fasted in preparation for the Liturgy, they will be objectively hungry). The bride & groom are paying for the food, and some volunteers are helping with the church hall reception.

Discussing the menu, the bride told the man in charge of the kitchen her plans for the appetizers. This is how the conversation went- word for word:

Bride: For appetizers, we'll have salami and this ham I got on sale along with vegetables like roasted peppers and homemade pickled vegetables and some dips my mom is making to go with bread. And we'll have-- various ethnic foods that I don't know the English for-- on the buffet table for people to eat while we take pictures. And we will have feta cheese and swiss cheese.

John: I don't like swiss cheese.

Bride: Well, the swiss cheese is on sale and money is tight.

John: I don't know anyone who likes swiss cheese.

Bride: (laughing) Well, Groom and I like swiss cheese!

John: Swiss cheese is just too strong.

Bride: (trying to smile) Well, we already bought it because it was on sale.

John: Ugh. Swiss cheese.

Me: (smiling & waving & changing the subject) What's your favorite cheese, John?

John: I don't eat cheese. I'm lactose-intolerant.  

(Swiss cheese isn't my favorite- but I will be eating lots of it at the wedding!)


  1. My poor sister was just "in" a wedding last weekend that was also of the do-it-yourself variety, and the whole town had a water main break and was under a boil order! There was a huge run on ice, bottled water, and soda. But, thank goodness, I don't think they had any swiss cheese. My dad is the only person I know who likes it.

  2. We all love swiss cheese. I never knew there was such a split over liking it. Your link about the opinionated bride didn't work. Glad to see you up and blogging again!

  3. HA! I love swiss cheese! Sheesh, let the poor bride have her cheese! :-)

  4. Louise- thanks for being a bride advocate- I say- if it isn't evil or dangerous and she is paying- keep strong opinions to oneself

    (my computer is making me anonymous- I'm PW)

  5. AMDG- I say---cheese of any kind!


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