Saturday, May 21, 2011

FirstWorld Problems- 7 QuickTakes

After a week-long break from the computer...

1. Why is it that googling "Saint Dominic Savio" and clinking on a supposedly reputable website caused my laptop to crash? I am now in safe mode...trying to patch up this machine

2. Why didn't the computer nerd at 'Computer Nerds' suggest that I start the computer in safe mode and work from there? Oh yes! He saw my desperation and two little kids hanging from my skirt and the possible $200 he would make. Luckily, I called my brother-in-law who reminded me of safe mode. I might still need to pay for help, but at least I am doing something

3. In non-problem news, we got a very nice, new-to-us van. So then we proceeded to drive six hours to a conference for father. And I insisted that the little kids drink only water in the car. You would have thought I had told the children that they would be going without food for a week. Oh, the humanity!

4. When we were talking money at the dealership, father had a small ding on his credit- a $30 bill for the second year of a domain name for a website that he had never started. He forgot to cancel the cyberspace deal and they told the credit reporting agency. Let me just say.....ARGH.

5. Packing for our vacation/father's conference, we brought four tomatoes that we didn't want to spoil at home. Did we remember to eat them in the hotel? No- but they made their way back home and we ate them Thursday night. We needed fresh veggies after all that traveling food.

6. I think I threw out the system restore discs to this computer when I recycled the box. It is a 'first world problem'- nothing like what many people in the world deal with every day, but our house is too small to keep random stuff 

7. Last 'problem' of the day- I really hope that Person of Interest (with Michael Emerson & Jim Cavizel!) is a success come Fall and that it will be available on the internet (assuming that I get my computer woes fixed by then)...I haven't had a TV show to be excited about since Lost

Is there a patron saint of computer fixing? This is getting frustrating...or  maybe I'll stay in safe mode forever

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  1. I think you might like "Burn Notice." It's five seasons in but, it's a show you can pick up watching anywhere in the series. The episodes are available on HULU when they are new. Good luck with the computer. If you have to spend $200 to get it fixed, you might as well get the data from it and buy a new one.


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