Friday, May 6, 2011

random stuff Mom did right- 7 QuickTakes

It's not easy being a mom. We second-guess ourselves and then our kids have to deal with us not being perfect. In celebration of Mother's Day- I wanted to write a bit about what my mom did right. This is random, quick (hence "Quick Takes") and I am probably missing the most important things...

1. She stayed home- Not all moms can or want to stay home, but it was good for us five children for mom to be there for us all the time...we should have helped more with laundry and such, though.

2. She listened to her gut- In 9th grade, I was attending a public high school with over 2,000 students. Mom decided to walk the halls & look in my locker. Well- the next year, I went to Catholic school (she didn't find anything bad in my locker; she just couldn't imagine me staying in that place).

3. She is always happy when another kid comes- She had 5 and she is up to 20 grandchildren and hopes for more. The world sighs when another child comes, but she rejoices.

4. She waited in lines for us- For four summers, I got to participate in a great theater program because she waited in line in the early, early morning to reserve a space. 

5. She makes stuff- She's not as crafty as some, but I remember making strawberry jam, canning peaches, and other yummy stuff. She made me two quilts that I use all the time. And her cooking is splendid.

6. She is adventurous- Once upon a time, she took a husband, 4 kids and 2 dogs on a road trip to find a better life. Dad drove the little Ford truck, and she drove the wagon with an 8 foot trailer. And we found a better life.

7. She (and Dad) are open to the Holy Spirit- we all became Catholic when I was is a long story for another day and another post, but all 5 children, 5 spouses and all the grandkids are grateful to Mom especially for saying yes to God and the Church and being a wonderful example of a Godly woman.
I love you, Mom!

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  1. sounds like you have a great Mom! would love to hear more about the adventure refereed to in #6. Christ is Risen!

  2. What a wonderful tribute! Can I steal this to do for my mom for Mother's Day? Not the content, of course. The idea :)

  3. This is really beautiful! Happy Mother's Day to you and your mother!

  4. What a wonderful mom you have! It sounds like you had a great childhood and parents who thought it was important to be involved in their childrens' lives.

  5. I am doing this one as well, if you don't mind, and I will tag you in my post. Thanks so much for sharing. We daughters owe so much to our faith-filled Mamas!

  6. What a mum:) Love to know more about 6 & 7.

  7. Thanks for what you said. God really gave me a great wife. And Happy Mothers day to you and my mom too. God bless you.



  8. Thanks Sweetheart, you are making me cry.

  9. Mom & Dad- It's too short...but the thoughts are there! Happy Mother's Day! We hope to see you soon

  10. Priest's wife, so many times I neglect to see the good because I'm so busy criticizing my parents--- you are very positive!! I say we all do this for Mother's Day! Liza


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