Thursday, January 27, 2011

Random Stuff Rant

I am writing this with an oh-so-serene smile, attempting to be the Perfect Catholic Mom(tm). Yes, I live in a country that is blessed with abundance, security, clean air, clean water BUT this abundance is driving me batty. We are a busy, homeschooling family of 6. I am an easily tired mom who would rather be reading. We all feel an extraordinary amount of peace when the townhouse is clean and organized, but travel for a few days and dump suitcases in the one-car garage now family room-homeschool room and the entire house goes haywire.

Birth certificates on the kitchen table? A game of Risk- unopened from Christmas 3 years ago- in the pantry? A six-month late library book? Old blessed palms? A huge basket (not ours) from the nativity play in the middle of the homeschool room? Crucifixes and religious books that no one else wanted? Check! We have them all!

It is about 3:30 PM- Fr. is working late-
let's see how much we can get done in a few hours.
I'll report back at 9 or so. Wish me luck!

UPDATE: It's 9:30- all four kids are snug in their beds, so here is what we accomplished in a few hours
  • 2 bags to go to Goodwill, outside already
  • 3 bags of trash
  • lots of things in their proper places
  • big girls' desks in garage/school room/family room are basically clear
  • 2010 calendar (displaying November) taken done in school room- pretty icon put in its place
  • unpacked from our between Christmas and New Years trip
Things I have learned
  • stop me before I buy any stationary again!
  • tons of stationary doesn't keep you from being late with a nephew's birthday card :(
  • having 2 4-drawer filing cabinets doesn't fill and organize themselves
  • plastic tubs that have lost their lids make perfect crayon bins- maybe I will stop just throwing random crayons away
  • being cluttered is depressing- but even a small improvement is a breath of fresh air
  • decluttering, organizing, cleaning and decorating are four different things!


  1. I only have one child and this scene is a little too familiar to me. Can't wait to hear about your progress!

  2. Good luck. Things can have their place, just say "no" to taking things off people's hands. Put a "free" sign on things you need to let go by the road. Just do it!!

  3. Get your own little file cabinet for these's amazing how much it helps. See you at 9 or so....

  4. Hi...this might help with the religious items. Put them in an Adoration chapel and share them with others. I do this with holy cards, small books.

  5. Carolyn- hmm....can I sneak into a different parish because the unwanted cards, crucifixes, pictures are from parishioners (and yes- they say- I don't want this- here you go) :)

  6. Hello....regarding the Adoration just leave them, no questions asked.
    Congratulations on your success.


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