Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pro-Life Ninjas

According to Google News:
Gabrielle Giffords (Democrat congresswoman critically injured in Arizona shooting)- 30,000 news items in past month
Jared Loughner (mentally-ill shooter in Arizona)- 18,500 news items
+Judge John Roll (Conservative federal judge killed in shooting)- 4,420 news items
Kardashian family- 2,990 news items

March for Life 2011- 760 news items

Simcha calls them "pro-life ninjas;" nobody sees them even though they march in thousands. cartoon: Getty Images


  1. liberal media bias?

    pro-lifers need to wield guns?

    no clue here. :)

  2. "Pro-Life Ninjas"...I like that. I've sure been called worse for my pro-life convictions, but they've all been labels I don't mind bearing to do my very tiny part in bringing back respect for human life. ICXC+NIKA

  3. YIKES JEN! Yes- I am alluding to liberal media bias- and NO GUNS- just that pro-lifers are like silent ninjas who come and go and no one knows (at least according to mainstream media)- blame Simcha at "I have to sit down" for the reference!

  4. I expect little will change until we get a better understanding of this than suggestions of "liberal media bias."

  5. Katherine- but don't you think it is difficult to get a message across when thousands of people rally for a cause yet the media does not cover it? Most Americans probably had no idea that marches took place

  6. I do. I simply don't accept the reason for it is "liberal media bias." Its deeper and different than that and until folks get off that canard, the problem is never going to be addressed.

  7. i was being sarcastic. :)

    i sympathize -- i'm a planner for the promise walk in san jose (fundraising for preeclampsia research -- a subject that both you and i can speak loads about) and it amazes me that so many people don't know or care about a condition that affects 10% of all pregnancies, can be lethal if not treated, and kills numerous women in the third world.

    i think we as a society are so absorbed in the cult of celebrity that we don't notice atrocities that happen.

  8. Jen- I had a feeling you were joking- but I didn't want my post to be seen as uncivil- must remain civil at all costs.

    about preeclampsia- I read somwhere about supplementation with calcium being helpful with prevention- can't find the research...

  9. I live in a suburb of Washington, DC, close enough that local churches host sleepovers for visiting Marchers. It is always amusing, in a heartbreaking way, to know that hundreds of thousands of people have come from all over the country, and then to read the report in the Washington Post: an item in the "Faith" section saying that "thousands" of people attended an anti-abortion rally and mass.

    Katherine, what do you think is the explanation for this phenomenon? The media bias explanation is very compelling to me, with the understanding that this bias is unconscious and probably invisible to the reporters and editors. I know from my own life that I am guilty of an analogue of media bias, in that I give very little attention to areas of life with which I have no direct experience. If I were a newspaper editor, I'd forget to make a sports section.

  10. Anne-Marie

    "If I were a newspaper editor, I'd forget to make a sports section." ---Me, too! :)

    We play sports a bit for fun as a family and my girls are way into ballet- but the whole professional thing to us is....I don't know


    I noticed the Pro-Life Ninjas as well. I updated the post with a link to the original(?) source of that phrase.


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