Friday, January 21, 2011

Enough Seriousness! 7 QuickTakes

After a few days of serious talk- let's get to some non-earth-shattering quick takes!
2. After all that talk yesterday about not being selfish, I realize that my husband really doesn't like the show Monk that we have been watching on DVD. Maybe it is just Monk, maybe it is Sharona's tacky outfits. Any suggestions on a show that we can Netflix that you enjoy- the 40-minute time frame is about we have time for- maybe we should play backgammon instead.

3. A lady brings a duck into the clinic & says, “I think my duck is dead”. So the vet takes a look at it, examines its heart, checks from head to tail & remarks, “Lady, your duck is dead." The lady says, “Can you check again?" So he whistles & in comes his golden labrador. His dog puts his paws up on the table & sniffs the duck from front to back, shakes his head & leaves the room. The Vet says “Lady, it is dead." The lady says, “I'm not so sure that my duck is dead. Can you triple check?” So he whistles again & in comes his cat. The cat jumps up on the table, sniffs the duck from head to tail, shakes his head & leaves. "I’m sorry, but your duck is dead!” She says: “Ok, my duck is dead. How much do I owe you?” The vet says, ”That will be $285." “$285 for what?” He says, “The diagnostic was free. But the lab costs were $135 & the cat scan was $150." (haha?- from cleanjokes)

4. The world's most boring kids' television show: Wonder Pets. The only known antidote is old seasons of The Muppet Show.


6. Beef stew success! Brown meat in pot- don't crowd the cubes- then slow cook with veggies (pre-boil potatoes until half-done) for 6 hours. Don't add too much liquid!

7. Some serious quotations to contemplate when you can't get to sleep

The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult and left untried. -- G.K. Chesterton

Little things are indeed little, but to be faithful in little things is a great thing. -- Bl. Mother Teresa

We are not necessarily doubting that God will do the best for us; we are wondering how painful the best will turn out to be. -- C.S. Lewis


  1. Ha! Ha! Ha! Love the 'Jesus Saves' comic. Thanks for putting it up!

  2. I loved these, especially the comic about the kids sitting outside the principle's office!

    We love Dr. Who, which was streaming instantly on Netflix but may have been taken down. My husband also really likes Psych, which streams instantly as well. I have ambivalent feelings toward it; it's funny, but I don't get into it as much as he does.

    The two shows I highly recommend that I believe you can order through Netflix (they don't have them streaming) are Supernatural and Fringe. They're both scienc-ey fiction types, but Supernatural brings up questions about God, demons, devils, etc. We've really enjoyed the past five seasons. The one playing now is kind of terrible, though.

    Hope that helps!

  3. Hubby and I are now currently plowing through Star Trek: The Next Generation, though you have to order those. Psyche is a good suggestion, and we've enjoyed those episodes in the past, though this current season for some reason isn't as great. We've also gone through Burn Notice if you like to see spies blow up things.

  4. I LOVE Doctor Who, but my husband thinks it's too geeky. You can imagine how that feels.

    I also love Fringe, and can't wait for it to be back on tonight!

    As far as recommendations - honestly, we end up watching a lot of police procedurals on Netflix, because they are fairly undemanding on my tired brain at the end of the day. I've started watching "Pushing Daisies," though, and I enjoy it so far. And I'm not sure if "White Collar" is available streaming yet or not, but it's another one of those peppy USA network crime dramas.

  5. the "cat scan" line gets told every time someone in the family has a ct scan (unfortunately a fairly frequent occurance because my f-i-l has cancer) and usually we speculate about what kind of cat did the scanning. :)

  6. oh yes... i'm a fan girl of "the big bang theory" and "house m.d." -- i also find it cheaper to just borrow the dvd's from the library.

  7. I so hear you on Wonder kids would watch it for 5 minutes, and shuffle back to their rooms, wishing they hadn't wasted their one tv choice for the day on it. But for some reason, they'd always want to que it up again, hoping for more.

    Happy weekend, be well!

  8. Loved the humor and the quotes.

  9. Ack, I had just gotten the Wonder Pets theme song out of my head! Psych is a good show, and has much funnier dialogue than Monk.

  10. Thanks "priest's wife". All very amusing. I cooked beef stew 2 nights ago pretty much the way you prescribed, but it only took 3 hours. Mom and I like Monk once in awhile, but british mysteries are still our favorites.

  11. My husband insisted on watching a Monk episode last night (does he read my blog? :)...)

    British mysteries are the best- Jeremy Brett as Holmes, Helen Mirren, I was raised only on PBS (during my childhood, it was primarily British tv)

  12. Sorry Lucy for putting the WP theme song in your head- the blog-world isn't safe for anyone! :)


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