Thursday, October 2, 2014

a good book a day for 31 days- Love Soup

Imagine a table, surrounded by friends and family. A simple dinner of soup and bread is served. The cook is not stressed, and everyone will come away satisfied and content with one or two bowls of soup. There's no meat, but one doesn't feel deprived with the complex flavors of different vegetables and herbs.
I love this cookbook. I haven't made all the different soups- there are even some cold ones for summer days- but I actually use this book unlike the few others that I own that seem more daunting.  Anna Thomas is an experienced cookbook writer, and it shows with Love Soup. I especially appreciate that she is not ashamed of being vegetarian; there is no soy or artificial meat replacements to be found. There are just well-written, detailed recipes to take advantage of whatever vegetables are in season. 
This is the kind of cookbook that you will take to bed- even though there are no photographs. When writing about which soup is her favorite, she states: "The greatest soup is the one your son, home from college, makes for you, showing off, forgetting that you taught him that soup in the first place."
This book should be read: when you are all out of culinary inspiration
This book is special because: nearly every recipe includes a story, making readers feel like they are at the table with the author

what's your go-to cookbook that you use? 
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