Thursday, October 30, 2014

a good book a day- 7 favorite spiritual books

1. Introduction to a Devout Life- by St Francis de Sales
2. On Marriage and Family Life- by St John Chrysostom
3. 101 Questions & Answers on Eastern Catholic Churches by Edward Faulk
4. When the Church was Young: Voices of the Church Fathers by Marcellino d'Ambrosio
5. The Joy in Living- Mother Theresa of Calcutta
6. The Sunday Sermons of the Church Fathers
7. The Tale of Three Trees by Angela Hunt

check out the post below for my little ones announcing the winner of the 'Angel in the Waters' book giveaway!


  1. I love the de Sales book - and I recently discovered that you can buy his collected letters. They're so good! :)

  2. Hi- I would like to request prayers for the victims of rape and abuse by members of the Catholic Church. Many of them were children when they were attacked or abused. This is also an ongoing crisis, with new victims each year, worldwide. I will remember them and their stories forever, but for the healing to truly take place, it will take the voices and efforts of many. To paraphrase a poem by an Indian schoolgirl, "Too many Catholics, in too many countries, speak the same language-- of silence." Thank you.

    1. I received that same anonymous comment on my blog. Though I deleted the comment from the combox I decided to use it as the focus of a well researched (in my humble opinion) article on the abuse crisis that our world (not just any one church) faces. I think you (“Anonymous” or anyone else) will find it to be an open, honest and fair look into the real crisis of sexual abuse in our country.

      In Christ,
      Dave Manthei


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