Monday, April 28, 2014

married priests, veils, pants, pews, kneelers, precious puppies, cute kittens

what do all of these things have in common?
really? don't know?
They are CLICK BAIT!
...did I make you click on this post?
What OTHER topics are click-bait in the Catholic blogosphere?
(ending a post with a question is a 'weird trick' to get more comments...)
just kidding- I'm working on a real post


  1. Lately "feminism" has been getting a lot of attention.

  2. It worked :D, I'm for an interesting topic...Eastern thoughts on Vatican II :p

  3. "priest's wife" is enough of a "click bait". You are so funny. God Bless. Happy Cinderella on Friday.

    1. I agree with DSM...and you always have something thought-provoking to say! :)


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