Monday, October 7, 2013

Less Lupus, More Life- Day 7 of "31 Days" series What's for breakfast?

Funny, when I decided to write on lupus for this October series, I hadn't had a flare-up in 18 months. I mean, there is the constant fatigue and joint pain, but nothing acute. But I started writing and then I got my classic red mottling on the face. This is why I finally got bangs. Don't you, fellow lupus-dealers, get sick of people asking what is wrong with your face? Ah let's talk about food.

I'm not going to photograph my bowl of oatmeal. You know what it looks like. I don't eat it every day, but I should. I feel good and also full after a bowl of oatmeal; most of the ingredients here would be considered 'anti-inflammatory.' I enjoy it with some kind of protein, something naturally sweet and something extra nutritious like chia or flax seed.

oatmeal (soaked overnight)
almond milk or rice milk
lots of sliced raw almonds or raw pumpkin seeds
a sprinkle of chia seeds or flax seeds
chopped apple or a chopped date/coconut bar (found in all health stores)
cinnamon and vanilla

You should not need any honey or maple syrup with the sweetness of the fruit and cinnamon, but a little bit is fine. I used some Trader Joe's 'pumpkin pie spice' on my oatmeal this morning- it was delicious! Anyway- this is my earth-shattering breakfast's quick and easy...

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  1. I like to add frozen wild blueberries to my oatmeal. (I'm guessing they're easier to get here in New England, though.) A handful brings it down to just the right temperature, no waiting. And it takes more time, but I often dice up an apple or two and cook them with cinnamon and water until they are soft and then pour them into my oatmeal.


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