Friday, October 4, 2013

A Byzantine Child's Alphabet- "A"- 31 days series

I am slowly plodding along on this little project. Please consider this a very rough draft. The amazing artist drawing an illustration per letter is juggling 8 children while she is sketching and taking pictures with her cell phone of her work and then emailing me the results. I can't wait to make a 'real' version with her drawings scanned. It will be clearer and with more contrast. But I think you can get the idea...


  1. Small typo on the A page. Some might think we are "hoky" for what we believe, but we don't want to perpetuate any stereotypes! :)

  2. Have you every been to the Eastern Catholic Encounters? We are debating about going to the one in Orlando in 2014 and I would really like to hear from someone who has actually been...

  3. I love alphabet books. What a lovely project. I may use it when you are done to help my children learn more about their Byzantine brothers and sisters.


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