Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pretty Happy Funny Real

pretty- don't you agree?

happy- Boy graduated from public kindergarten and now he is home via charterschool/homeschool. He is happy to be in tae kwon do three times a week!

funny- Baby girl, 4, doesn't do much past cut her own hair, but she is really, really, really happy (really) to be starting her weekly tap class with her teacher, Pam. Girl's nightly special intention is "I love Teacher Pam." Teacher Pam is nice enough to allow Boy (he is over the age-limit for this class) to take the class as well; his first dance class!
real- This is what happens when you graduate from charterschool/homeschool 8th grade; you are reduced to wearing your kindergarten brother's paper hat. She already has one month of 'other school' under her belt (basically- it is a high school via mostly independent work and college classes as well)- Daughter #2 is having a low-key year as an 8th grader, waiting to start the same high school program. She has taken over doing the dishes so that her older sister can do the extra homework. What a girl!
and yes....I will pick a name for the cross giveaway today/tonight...

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  1. When we had 8th grade graduation, we didn't have any caps or gowns...which I think is a good idea. It's more important when it's the BIG deal (high school, college, etc). So she's not missing out on much :)


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