Monday, September 30, 2013

A Byzantine Catholic Alphabet Book- 31 days in October

I'll be spending October writing a simple alphabet book for Byzantine Catholic wee ones and linking up at The Nester.

Most Byzantine Catholic children have never seen a book written especially for them. I wanted to fill in the gap with this book which I hope will be the first-of-many.  My four children enjoy reading Roman-rite Catholic and Orthodox books, but the former does not acknowledge Byzantine spirituality and the latter does not acknowledge Catholic hierarchy. 
Click on the label "31 days 2013 ABC" for all of the daily pages. I hope to have them easily printed as pdf documents.


  1. Awesome! My wife and I were just looking for something like this.

    1. I'll be posting a pdf letter page a day but I'll probably wait to post it as an easy to print book at the very end (less complicated0- of course, you can still print a screen shot, but that won't be as pretty ;)

  2. I bet there is a way that you could print the entire book as a bound book and mayyyybe even generate some income from it? Perhaps via Am@z0n self publishing? Or another route? Gosh, I sound like a huge spammer!


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