Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Monday in May...

After a busy weekend, this was yesterday for my busy husband and me, a supposed stay at home, homeschooling mama. It was a typical morning- then, with baby girl tagging along...a normal 'homeschooling' Monday
yes, yes Inigo Montoya- I know. We cannot call ourselves 'carschoolers,' either.  Contemporary Christian music probably wouldn't be accepted as educational by our charter school.
12:45- take big girls to writing class, driving from city 1 to city 2 (10 miles)
1:30- pick up boy at Kindergarten, driving from city 2 to city 1
Then- go home, throw brown rice and uncooked chicken thighs in rice cooker (plus coconut milk, onions, garlic and spices) with fresh green beans ready to be cooked in a sauce pan
2:30- pick up girls at writing class in city 2, take them to ballet (tech and pointe) in city 1
3:30- home again...tidy up, play with dog, change baby girl's clothes yet again
5:30- papa drives from his hospital in city 2 to us in city 1 & gets the little kids; I drive to teach my class in city 3 (15 miles)(Cities 1, 2 and 3 are a sort of triangle...)
6:00- papa picks up girls and brings them to their choir, then he drives the little kids to a friend in city 2 so he can go to church and hear confessions; I start my class
7:15- I drive from city 3 to city 1 to pick up the big girls from choir
7:30- or so- we drive from city 1 to city 2 to pick up the little kids, then we drive back home. Little ones are put to bed. Big girls hurriedly do the dishes so they can watch a Hulu-cast of Green Acres. They set up Monopoly board to play a speedy version of the game in case their dad gets home in time for fun and games.
8:30- Papa is home from city 2- there weren't as many people as usual- I was planning on blogging something profound and well-researched until 10...sorry readers...it is what it is
Enough about us- How was your Monday and Tuesday?

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  1. Don't loose someone. What a life. We are a taxi service, but you have the added confessions and teaching schedules. Keep Calm and Carry on dear one.


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