Thursday, November 29, 2012

7 TurkeyTakes with Cute Kitty, Cute Kid & Thanks

1. See what I did there? TURKEYtakes about TURKEYday? Just kidding, I find it endlessly annoying when Thanksgiving is called Turkeyday...some people don't eat turkey, but they still give thanks. 'Turkeyday' is as bad as 'Dads and Grads' in June....but I digress...

2. He has blond hair and blue eyes. He must be mostly Puritan, early European American, right? No, we didn't come on the Mayflower, and most of my ancestors are post-Revolution. Color doesn't mean much; I have 100% Mexican students who are whiter than my boy. 
3. According to a family tree that my paternal grandmother researched, we have Native American blood on her side. So we have more Native American in us than early European American. Now, it is a moot point. My children might be all 'mixed up' on my side (Czech, English, German), but they are all Romanian (basically Dacian from Maramures) on their daddy's side. 
4. Poor Lucky, he is an outside kitty and it has been raining. All is well so far; he likes his cozy basket.
5. We do only do-able crafts around here. Girl #2 made a paper turkey to attach to the humus bowl and made a fan of sweet pepper strips for the feathers. Cute and easy!
6. Here's a few things that I was thankful (to God!) for this November:
7. Did you catch Monday's post on this blog? I am starting a new series called 'I'm a Catholic," featuring practicing Catholics, their faith journeys and what makes them interesting and different. Please click over and meet Kim, my first Catholic profiled and come back Monday to meet my far-away friend Cat, guitarist, catechist, mom and all around cool chica

Email me at if you have someone to nominate for the 'I'm a Catholic' series- even yourself! I am specially looking for non-bloggers (or 'micro'-bloggers).


  1. Love the turkey. I don't do enough crafts around here, and my kids would so like it if I did.

    1. Daughter #2 did this with the 2 littles with absolutely no help from me- I don't do a lot of crafting but I try to let them go to town with paper, markers and glue on their own if they clean up

  2. Love the pepper turkey, too cute!!! And the November Thankful calendar, what a great idea!!!


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