Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Great Entrance- Divine Liturgy Series

The priest goes to the Table of Preparation and takes the diskos and chalice and makes the Great Entrance, processing with altar servants.

Priest: May the Lord God remember in His kingdom, Our Holy universal Supreme Pontiff N . . ., the Pope of Rome, our most reverend Archbishop and Metropolitan N . . ., and our God loving Bishop N . . ., and the entire priestly, diaconal, and monastic order, our civil authorities, and all our armed forces, the noble and ever memorable founders and benefactors of this holy Church, (our suffering brethren), and all you Christians of the true faith, always, now and ever, and forever.

People: Amen. That we may now receive the King of all, invisibly escorted by angelic hosts. Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia.

Priest (silently): The noble Joseph took down Your most pure body from the cross, wrapped it in a clean shroud, and with fragrant spices laid it in burial in a new tomb. In Your goodness, show favor to Sion: rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Then You will be pleased with lawful sacrifice, (burnt offerings wholly consumed), then You will be offered young bulls on Your Altar.

Again, the Liturgy is using 'royal' vocabulary to describe the action. We are preparing to receive the king; he is surrounded by an angelic host. The priest is wearing royal garments because of his office and that he is in persona Christi. We bring offerings and decorate the sacred space as well as we can. We give our best to God because He is King of all and worthy of all respect and honor.

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