Friday, April 8, 2011

Family Saints- 7 QuickTakes

St Gregory of Nyssa (c.334-394) brother of St Basil, theologian
Saint Anne- mother of the Theotokos
St John the Forerunner, cousin of Jesus
Saint Mary Magdalene- equal to the Apostles

Venerable Pope John Paul
Saint George the Great Martyr (c. 275-303)

St Gregory of Nazianzus (c.329-390), known as Gregory the Theologian

We have some great saints praying for us! Praying with the saints was one thing that attracted my family to the Catholic Church. I love that the Church has officially declared that so many virtuous people are in Heaven, seeing the face of God. The Church has not declared, however, that a person is definitively in hell.  So we live in HOPE and wait on God's MERCY and LOVE and JUSTICE.

Yes- we only have four children here on earth- so one of these seven patrons is praying WITH our child in heaven for the rest of us...the one patron who has not been officially declared a saint, yet.

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sources: wikipedia for both St Gregory icons,  John Paul II icon from, all other icons from


  1. Another great idea for a Quick Takes Post! I love it.

    This attracted me to the church as well. Our Protestant brethren really miss out as they reject the communion of the Saints (most denominations do...although I just thought of how some protestant churches are indeed named Saint Luke's...hmmm...maybe I'll need to do some research on that)

  2. which saint is each person's patron? (i.e. which one belongs to the father? which one is for which kid?)

  3. Jen- it goes in order of age- dad, mom, girl, girl, boy we lost, boy and girl :)

  4. Did you and your husband pick each patron? Or did the patron pick each person? (ie, birthday is on the saint's day)

  5. some of the names are close to the birthday/feast day, but most aren't. And I chose the names - first and middle- most people think my husband chose them because they are all from his country---but I carried the babies :)

  6. This was a great idea for a quick takes post.

  7. Haha, that's a GREAT argument: I carried them, I pick the names!

    I'm still slightly confused, but maybe I didn't ask my question correctly--how did you decide on a patron saint for each child? My birth middle name is Elizabeth (legally I use my maiden name), but I don't seem to connect too well with any of those saints with that name. BUT I just noticed that my birthday is day of Gregory the Great. Interesting!

  8. Rabbit- basically, I chose names/saints I like but I didn't necessarily chose the saints on their birthday- we like to celebrate birthdays and feast days (and baptism days when I remember). Probably Magdalena's birthday is closest to her feast day


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