Friday, April 8, 2011

10 facts about us

inspired by Betty Begulies, here are 10 very random facts about my husband and me:

1. I always prayed that my future husband would be the spiritual head of the household. Sometimes it is funny how God answers prayers.

2. He likes ice in his drinks, and I don't. Usually Europeans are fine with no ice but Americans need tons- I guess we are just unusual that way.

3. He has all possible backgammon moves memorized for whatever roll he makes. I don't.

4. He doesn't really like Star Wars or Star Trek all that much, but we will be getting a babysitter so we can watch The Hobbit whenever it is finally finished.

5. After watching that kids' song to Obama, he had flashbacks to his childhood when kids were forced to sing praises to the dictator. Just saying...

6. He can lecture our kids when they waste a banana. When he was a kid, he would have to wait in line for hours for the chance to buy 2 bananas. But I still don't really like bananas...

7. He has never ridden a horse while I had a pony as a young child- there was Penny, Peanut, Scout, Rebel...

8. While he was helping his grandparents butcher pigs in the old country, I was walking my pet goat Friday in the States.

9. Long story....the month before we got married he lived in my big sister's garage- which was an improvement over the empty church rectory where he lived first along with 'meth' neighbors on all sides.

10. Before we got married, we satisfied the requirements of 4 different dioceses (His diocese/eparchy back home, our Byzantine eparchy here, another Byzantine eparchy here because the 2 priests witnessing the marriage were in that jurisdiction, and the Roman-rite diocese because we got married in my parents' parish)

These facts are pretty random....and not that interesting.... :)....maybe Betty has some better ones!


  1. stopping by from betty's blog.

    i look forward to browsing your site.

    pax Christi - lena

  2. I am going to tag myself from this post and go list 10 random things about me. I really like your blog!

  3. mommymagpie...thanks...I'm going to read your 10 things; it's fun :)


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