Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Simple Daybook

Outside my window… two kids are playing with Megablocks.
I am thinking... about our 'learning meeting' with our charter school teacher tomorrow.
I am thankful for…the health of my kids and for the website Rosary for the Bishop that reminds me to pray for mine!
From the kitchen…orange chicken, potatoes, broccoli, artichokes and strawberries with yogurt- thanks goodness for microwaves because I only had a half hour to make dinner!
I am wearing…newly painted toes; I love pedicures and loath manicures (they last about an hour)
I am creating…meal plans for Lent
I am going…to see Voyage of the Dawn Treader at the 'cheap' theater; I hear it is good
I am reading…. The Myth of Ability (an education book on teaching math)
I am hoping…to create a writing plan for this blog, and I hope to get to 100 'followers' by Easter!
I am hearing…music from The Mission
Around the house… we have a few projects- bedroom drapes are top priority as is cleaning up the back patio.
Some of my favorite things…
seeing the baby blow kisses, peanut butter and honey sandwiches, a little boy who still hugs, a good book and a little bit of silence
A few plans for the rest of the week: getting ready for Boy's 4th birthday!

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  1. Nice list! Have you seen "The King's Speech" yet? AMAZING.

    PS- feed me. That sounds so good.

  2. You did all that wonderful dinner in 30 minutes! Wow!

    And I love newly painted toes too!

  3. Firstly--so sorry I forgot until now to "publicly" follow, because I already do. I just hit the wonderfully biblical 12, but would not mind hitting the equally as biblical 144. :)

    Your food sounds amazing, totally agree on the mani/pedi assesment. I have man hands anyways so paint just looks wrong. Being able to DO things with my hands means a lot more to me.

    Will you share some of you Lenten meal ideas? I am looking for some new ones.

    "Voyage" has always been my favorite of the Narnia series, I am hoping to see the movie sometime.

    You do an amazing job on your blog for having children as young as almost four. Your organization is impressive! I am also hoping to become more planned about my own blog. Right now, it's just whatever strikes me.

    Happy Birthday to the little guy!

  4. about the half hour dinner preparation- get one girl to wrangle the littles, get another girl to set the table- throw potatoes into the microwave- start steaming artichokes and make the orange chicken in the frying pan. Cut up strawberries, put in dishes and put some yogurt on top. When chicken is finished, put on serving plate and put defrosted broccoli into the frying pan. Eat dinner all together for 15 minutes, then priest-husband takes the big girls to Bible study an hour away while I stay home with the littles (we'll go to Bible study tonight at the closer place)

  5. agreed on the manis -- they just don't work for me.

  6. enjoyed your daybook. our family has loved the narnia series and i am currently reading them aloud to our 3 older boys... we are half way through prince caspian. i love they are making movies of all of them. hope you enjoyed the movie!


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