Monday, November 29, 2010

Thoughts from a Priest's Wife

Outside my window I see...Megablocks on the patio and birds eating the dry cat food- cat is watching it happen
I am thinking...Why did the baby cry all night? (no really- ALL night)
I am thankful and eggnog and the sacraments and my husband's good job and our missions and turkey soup
From the learning rooms...getting ready for our charter school learning meeting tomorrow
From the kitchen...leftovers for lunch; vegetable bean soup and bread for dinner
I am wearing...clogs (and yes, Simcha, a skirt!)
I am creating...ideas for our Jesse tree
I am take the big girls to ballet and choir
I am reading...the third Mysterious Benedict Society book (I am- not the kids)
I am get a short nap in (see above- the baby cried ALL night)
I am hearing...the washing machine hum and a baby wanting to get up
Around the house...are kids doing school work and making messes- depends on the kid
One of my favorite things...smacking baby kisses
A few plans for the rest of the week: the Jesse tree and other Advent crafts


  1. Get some sleep! And afterward, enjoy eggnog and turkey soup!

  2. Baby kisses are the best, aren't they? I would love to see/hear more of your Jesse tree project - this is our first year working on one and I am curious (nosey?) about how other folks do theirs. Be well, get some rest.

  3. I hope your baby sleeps much better tonight :-)
    Advent is a lovely season with beautiful crafts to make. I'm sure your Jesse tree will be delightful! blessings..Trish


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