Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fun Fun Fun- All Saints'

We go to an All Saints' Day party and then run around and 'trick or treat'- What a weekend!


  1. I have to ask - what is it with the pumpkins and Samhain?

  2. oh, I love that first one...so cute...and a great idea to surround your Little Pumpkin with all those others!

  3. Bear- I think of the pumpkins as just a fun and pretty harvest decoration. Many Catholics would not dress up to go get candy because some parts of the holiday are yucky- I hope our balance will prove good- no scary costumes and first, an All Saints' Party with our homeschooling friends. One daughter is St Helena; the other is St Irene (props are not in the picture)

    Of course, even All Saints and All Souls' right now is the Western calendar- we don't forget All Souls' Saturdays during the great fast

  4. I want to know why you have to comment on EVERY one of Father Z's posts. You and Supertradmum.

  5. Anonymous- if you want to be technical, I don't comment on every post- I really like Fr Z's blog and find it very educational. My comments are usually very short. I am sorry they disturb you.

  6. I love the photos of the girls- It's fun to remember that you can be a "princess" AND a saint! Good costume choices girls!


  7. Popadya - I should explain. Not being American, I first heard about Halloween reading "Peanuts", in which Linus waits for "The Great Pumpkin". And in all the images there seems to be an emphasis on pumpkins. Meanwhile, Halloween is not celebrated where I live (other celebrations take precedence).

    In the Celtic celebrations, bones were burnt and turnips were used for torches. This made sense, since at this time of year cattle for winter were slaughtered (since it was getting cold enough so the meat wouldn't rot). And turnips were pretty much kept for feeding cattle (the general consensus being that they were not fit for human consumption), so some could be used for entertainment.

    But the pumpkin thing seems to be an American innovation (as does much of the Halloween thing). I was just wondering why pumpkins.

  8. I suppose pumpkins are more plentiful than turnips around here (plus it's easy to put a candle inside)

    Halloween- or celebrating the time in a more 'All Saints' way,' is about the only time people see their neighbors around here...sad, but true at least for my area.

  9. Wow, before I read the comments, I honestly thought your daughters were in medieval princess costumes, not saints! :)

  10. Your boy looks adorable.

    Regards from a peruvian. Via soule mama.
    Have a nice weekend


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