Sunday, September 19, 2010

Why be anonymous?

Although this blog is new and un-read by the teeming crowds of blog enthusiasts, I decided to begin by being anonymous.  Why? All of my posts so far have been pretty- what's the word- milk-toast. Now is the time to get real. And because I don't want to hurt anyone, I have chosen to remain incognito to protect the identities of parishioners, priests, etc.

Anyone who is the least bit curious could find out my name- there are very few Byzantine Catholic under 40 priests' wives in the U.S. Anonymity has appeal because the casual blog surfer (do people surf blogs?) may find some general truths here without being concerned about who I am specifically. In  any case- do we really know anyone on the internet? I have some favorite blogs; I know a  few of the writers personally. Reality and 'blogality' (yup- not a word) are two very different things.

So- my next post will be worthy of needing anonymity- let the fireworks ensue! (good thing no one is reading this....)


  1. I'm pretty excited about the next post... I love reading honest blogs! Good luck!

  2. Reality and blogality - good distinction!

    I know some bloggers personally, and it is always interesting how they react to my comments. Often they react in a defensive and extreme way if I post anonymously, and with much more leeway if they know it is my post.

    I am not surprised that you would want to remain anonymous. A very close friend is the wife of a Catholic priest and she is under 40 (but not in the US). What is expected of her, by Latin Catholics, Byzantine Catholics and Orthodox, is limiting and rather absurd.

  3. Thanks for the comment Bear- I guess one difficult thing is expectations- In many ways, it would be easier to live in my husband's country of origin- it's weird when an Eastern Catholic priest is celibate!


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