Saturday, September 18, 2010

"Where do you go to church?"

"Where do you go to church?" is a frequent question I am asked by Protestant Christians. What does it mean? Of course, they could (and probably are) opening up a conversation in order to invite me to their church. We Catholics should be so bold.  

But the question is wrong- WHERE do I GO to church? Church- even for us Catholics who revel in the material nature of God-man with our icons, statues and hopefully God-leaning architecture- is a PEOPLE. We don't GO to church- we ARE Church.


  1. Catholics can learn a lot from the boldness and kindness of many Protestants.

    Your last paragraph is something I need to memorize.

  2. If only my Catholic Mother would understand that!

  3. Send her my blog- maybe the concept of different rites and married men being ordained priest would shock her!

    1. I've just stumbled upon this blog, but to respond to a ten year old post... my grandmother has a catholic friend who INSISTS that I *must* be protestant because I'm not a Roman-rite Catholic. It's hilarious listening to her trying to explain it.


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