Sunday, August 29, 2010

Faithfulness NOT Success

St Theresa of Calcutta famously said that God wants "faithfulness, not success." What beautiful words- but now we know that she was living through many, many dark nights of the soul with very little consolation from God. I suppose that makes her even a greater example for us. She did the right thing even though she might have wanted to just pull the covers over her head and sleep in.


  1. I was listening to an interview on the BBC with a Catholic priest who used that exact phrase (I didn't realize it came from Mother Theresa) to explain why the church should not change to "keep up with the times." What a powerful phrase to cature what God has called us to do and what we will NOT do to 'attract' people to the faith.

  2. Aimee- This is my favorite saint's quote because it really helps in these times- I have it on my mirror :)and I have to keep opening up the Bible!


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