Thursday, November 14, 2019

Saint Philip's Fast, The Nativity Fast, Advent: Preparing our hearts for Jesus and Christmas

The Nativity Fast gifts us Byzantine Catholics and other Christians with 40 days to prepare for the feast of the Nativity of Jesus Christ. The twelve days of Christmas begin then and continue with the feast of Jesus' Transfiguration. So, forty days of fasting, forty days of feasting. Every year, the Christian life is a roller coaster, a see-saw, a winding road
May Our Lord bless you this season of the Nativity Fast! 


  1. In looking it up (I'm Latin Rite and of course we don't have a Nativity Fast), I see that the Nativity Fast begins this year on November 28, Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving Day has its origins, very generally, as a Christian feast, but it's become one of the gigantic American holidays and is food focused in so many ways. One more example, I'm guessing, of how those of you in the Eastern Rite make the rest of us look like comparative slackers.

  2. Well, I may have calculated that incorrectly, and it began on November 15. Same analysis, however.


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