Tuesday, November 8, 2016

don't let perfection be an enemy of the good: a day retreat with my daughter

I'd love to be able to take my children on frequent overnight retreats. It just does not happen. We are too busy, and so are my teens. We, my oldest and I, decided to spend a full Sunday together in prayer after our Saturday late evening vigil at our Byzantine Catholic mission. We started with a reflection on gratitude given by our family priest- husband and father. Then, we were off an hour away to visit a Melkite Catholic church we had never seen before.
We appreciated the beautiful mosaic-style icons that covered all the walls. We stayed for the Divine Liturgy, but left early to get to a Ruthenian Catholic church to go to confession- the only sacrament that we cannot get from priest-father! 
We were blessed to go to confession and then stayed for the Divine Liturgy with our Romanian Byzantine Catholic community. 
(this photo is from a previous Sunday with our Romanian Catholic community)
We ended our day with a rosary at the San Fernando Mission. It was a beautiful experience seeing the diversity of the Catholic Church this past Sunday. Now, we need to find the Syrians, Copts, Armenians, and Chaldeans! My oldest is a senior in high school. She was accepted to her first choice of university on October 1st. It is time to be more intentional with spending time with my two teens before they fly the nest!


  1. ...sweet time together...always a blessing...and what a beautiful church...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  2. Beautiful Priest's Wife and daughter!!! Thanks.


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