Friday, February 20, 2015

this Shakespeare moment

 Baby girl (5) playing first fairy in Midsummer Night's Dream
 Boy (7) playing Snout/Wall (this is tech rehearsal- he did have energy at actual performance!)
Big Girls (15 & 14) played Cymbeline- they is their 7th year in this program


  1. I love Midsummer Night's Dream - Wall definitely gets some of the best bits, poor Pyramus and Thisbe!

    1. The boy who played Thisby was hilarious- I didn't post photos of him because isn't family- but he actually made me tear up a bit when he discovered dead Pyramus! (and then laughing again when he/Thisby stabbed himself in the play within a play)- pretty awesome for a 7 year old!

  2. They were great. The "blogmaster's" parents had the pleasure of seeing the plays.


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