Sunday, June 1, 2014

Ascension Thursday & The Little Oratory

Our icon corner is in our main room. Most of the icons were painted by people we know in Romania. The beautiful dyptych was created by my brother-in-law. It rests on the music cabinet of my grandmother's. I love the objects connected to prayer to also be connected to family and friends. I am developing this space. It is not in a quiet place, being that our house is small and it is the front room, but we do not have a computer, television or radio here. I would love to have one of those hanging vigil light...maybe by the end of the book club, I will have more to show.
Isn't this detail of Mary in the Ascension icon amazing? I love how all of the apostles are so upset, twisting their heads upwards, not looking forward, but the Theotokos is serene, wise and peaceful. It is interesting that the men do not have halos of light yet while the angels and Mary do. This icon was painted on glass in reverse. The method is the opposite from traditional icons on wood. The artist paints the details first and then the larger blocks of color. I watched the artist make this icon; it is very meaningful 
I'll be participating in Elisabeth Foss' 'Summer in the Little Oratory' if I am welcome; I still stand by the sentiments that I wrote here about the Introductory sections- but that was just the introduction and I am happy to be delving into the book with less sensitivity. 


  1. That is a beautiful Ascension icon & so interesting how it was done in reverse on is striking how the entire background is gold!

  2. That is just beautiful!!


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