Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Pretty Happy Funny Real Briefcase

I thought this fabric bucket-of-sorts was very 
pretty when I saw it at my sister's house....and I was very 
happy when I got it as a hand-me-down (we call it a 'permanent loan'- reserving the right to ask for it back even though we never is just easier to say goodbye to stuff that way)... I suppose my begging for it and her giving it to me with the permanent loan string attached is 
funny of us...
so what is my real?
This is my briefcase for my teaching job. I teach four evenings a week, 1 hour twice and 3 hours twice- so only eight hours, but teachers know that the mental energy of teaching takes up many more brain hours...
It finally occurred to me that if I am working 4 evenings a week, making dinner together impossible, I would have to make a change. Now, I try to have breakfast on the table at seven so we can share a meal together. 


  1. I like the bag! Did someone make it? I mean...someone you KNOW ;-) It looks handmade, like the wool rag rugs I grew up with :)

    Having sisters sounds so much fun, especially as adults. My mom and my aunts are so close. It hasn't been all sunshine and roses for them, but as they've all grown up and matured, they are closer than ever.

  2. Great idea for a briefcase. Great idea also for having breakfast ready to share. Good Mommy.

  3. Cute! A good teacher bag is hard to find. My favorite one was also a hand-me-down from my sister, who had bought it for $4!


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