Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Those were the days, my friend

 I've been pouting because we won't be able to make our every-other-summer trip to the old country. First, tires and stuff on my van. Then, a $1,000 repair on the old van. It's too bad we didn't use horses (no, bad idea, those are more expensive than vans).
Can you imagine, getting through childhood with only a handful of photographs to prove it? Even in 1993 when I lived in Slovakia, it was an all-day activity to get film developed. Those were the days. Now every smile and sneeze are documented. So, when my battery is dead or if I have forgotten to put the memory card back in, I think of my husband's handful of photos. Then I don't feel so bad that I missed a bit of documenting my kids' lives.
circa 1974- I'm sure he is pretending to be Michael the Brave and not Vlad the Impaler....the villages still have that kind of fence

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