Friday, February 25, 2011

a post about posting

What to write when there isn't much to write about? I feel like I don't even have seven short thoughts for Jen's Friday quick takes. I could try to be profound like Anne or practical like Leila and crew, but there is just not much there in the past weeks. I suppose my primary problem is trying to maintain a bit of anonymity on the web. It might be correct, but it makes it nearly impossible to share about what is going on with life. I could write about where I went and what I did these past few days for 'family fun;' Priest-husband had a few days off from his paying job. If readers knew where I was, they would know who I am. And that's okay because I have never written anything here that my husband has not seen and the important people in my life would be hurt by- a few things might be controversial simply because I have shown a bit of life's imperfections when 'church-type people' are supposed to be holy at all times, but I am okay with that. I started writing this blog to 'vent' a bit but mostly so that those people interested in religion would know that we Byzantine Catholics exist. So I have put myself out there, in my own very small way, as an authority of sorts on being Byzantine Catholic. And this is paralyzing to me. I don't want to disappoint anyone or be a scandal to anyone. But no matter what- no person is perfect. God alone is perfect, so I'll just write what I know with as much charity and dignity as possible and leave the rest to God.


  1. that's ok. i have a non-functional laptop and i now have all this stuff in my head to blog. however, i'm having to *gasp* share jon's laptop (laptop = hard to share for me) and i can't just jot down random thoughts. i'll have to, like, write my musings out longhand or something...

  2. I enjoy your blog very much! I just blurt out all kinds of stuff about my family, but then again, the purpose and sort of "mission statement" of my blog is to encourage families that are coming from difficult situations or beginnings, as we did, and now are striving to live a good Catholic life. You made me think, though! I hope I have not been TOO candid! I will think about it more as I go forward...thanks!

  3. Ah yes, this happens to me too, which is why SO many of my posts are filled with "so it's been awhile" or "I really need to be blogging more." It's hard when I can't post from work (not that I really want them to have access to my inner-most thoughts!); I've resorted to making quick notes when I think of something. That way I can blog when I have a chance, even if it's days later. No one will know :) I've also written posts in an email, and send them to myself, so that when I get home, all I have to do is copy & paste them into Blogger.

    Anyone who thinks that "church people" need to be holy at all times needs to meet our priest. He will tell you like it is, even if it is not "proper" or what one would expect from a priest. Yes, he's a man of God, but he is first a man. But I do understand the need for anonymity. Just because people are vindictive and crazy--I've blogged about my own experiences early on. You just never know what people might do. It's sad, because I'd love to say MY NAME IS JANE SMITH AND THIS IS MY BLOG, but I can't. Those who do share their full names...I am full of awe at their courage.


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